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Chariots of Stone: The Message of Rajput Chattris

Product Code: Chariots of Stone: The Message of Rajput Chattris

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Scattered across the sands of Rajasthan in the thousands, Rajput chattris are a unique architectural form. Created as markers to commemorate the deaths of Rajput warriors, they symbolically served as chariots to transport the souls of the departed to the next life. Chariots of Stone (The Message of Rajput Chattris) explores their multiple levels of meaning, and also illuminates the complex cultural interplay between myth, architectural form, economics, caste and death that were integral to their creation, providing a new understanding of Rajput warrior culture and architecture.

Written by Fred R. Holmes and Ann Newton Holmes. Published by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust, 2015. Paperback, size 9.25" x 12" (23.5 cm x 30.5 cm), 299 pages.