Garden & Cosmos

Garden & Cosmos, an exhibition of sixty-one beautiful and unique paintings from the Royal Jodhpur collections, travelled to several international museums from 2008-2010.

Created in the royal ateliers of the kingdom of Jodhpur/Marwar in the 18th century, the exquisite “Garden” paintings give a behind-the-scenes look into an enchanting royal culture of leisure and enjoyment. The slightly later extraordinary “Cosmos” paintings, unprecedented in Indian art, explore esoteric yoga philosophy in a sublimely minimal aesthetic.

In the products based on these paintings, Princess Padmini flies through the air, lovely devotees of Krishna search for him in leafy bowers, elephants and peacocks frolic in monsoon rains, and a serene Nath yogi illustrates Chakras of the Subtle Body. The images, as one reviewer noted, will take you to places you’ve never been.

Folio Set of 10 Postcards

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Folio Set of 4 Notecards

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Divine Garden Diary

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Clouds Diary

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Exhibition Poster

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Set of 4 Coasters

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Architecture Tote

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Garden Tote

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Dancing Peacocks Necktie

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Daggers Necktie

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Kishkinda Forest cap

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Kishkinda Forest T-shirt

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Princess Padmini T-shirt

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Jodhpur Rocks T-shirt

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