Fort & Museum

Mehrangarh Fort, seen from a distance, appears like a dream in the clouds. Within, the Fort museum houses treasures of many kinds from many centuries, and the Fort itself encompasses a seemingly inexhaustible array of exquisite images, of painted, mirrored and inlaid decorations, of thousands of patterns painstakingly carved over centuries in stone, and of abundant legends that seem to emanate from the very walls.

Far above the Fort, high-flying cheels (hawk-like birds, of the kite family), circle endlessly. These birds hold a very special place in the history and the heart of the Fort. The cheel is regarded as both the mascot of the Fort and its protector, and many tales and legends attest to this strong relationship.

The Fort, the Fort Museum, and the very special cheels provide inspiration for many unusual and special products.

Chariots of Stone: The Message of Rajput Chattris

Rs. 2,900.00

The Mighty Tale of Hanuman

Rs. 650.00

Mehrangarh: Jodhpur Fort and Palace Museum

Rs. 590.00

Nagaur: A Garden Palace in Rajasthan

Rs. 590.00

Durbar: Royal Textiles of Jodhpur

Rs. 2,950.00

Cheel Golf Shirt

Rs. 1,090.00

Fort Stamp T-shirt

Rs. 850.00

Dagger T-shirt

Rs. 750.00

Diwali Playing Card Set

Rs. 1,170.00

Diwali Greeting Card Set

Rs. 290.00

Fort Cap

Rs. 490.00

Takhat Singh Children's T-shirt

Rs. 650.00

Takhat Singh T-shirt

Rs. 750.00

Takhat Singh Women's T-shirt

Rs. 890.00

Jodhpur Charm Bracelet

Rs. 11,500.00

Jodhpur Cuff Links

Rs. 7,950.00