Indian artists and craftspersons create some of the finest products in the world. Many of their traditional – and often unique – skills are still alive. The Museum Shop offers items representing some of the best and most interesting.

Traditional meenakari enamel on silver, exquisite handcrafted jewelry, beautiful woven textiles with fine embroidery, imaginative items crafted from handmade paper -- these are only a few of the many such items offered in the Museum Shop.

The products offered here are but a small sample of the treasures waiting to be discovered in India. More will be added in months to come.

Mosaic Bangle

Rs. 6,550.00

Mosaic Bangle Set

Rs. 9,750.00

Mosaic Full Bangle Set

Rs. 15,750.00

Golden Peacock Pendant and Chain

Rs. 8,550.00

Blue Stars Pendant and Chain

Rs. 8,550.00

Silver Hasli Neckpiece

Rs. 6,450.00

Elephant Bangle, Blue

Rs. 8,550.00

Elephant Bangle, Green

Rs. 8,550.00

Circle Earrings

Rs. 3,750.00

Silver Open Bangle

Rs. 3,750.00

Silver Twist Bracelet, Single

Rs. 6,900.00

Silver Twist Bracelet, Double

Rs. 9,500.00

Silver Twist Bracelet, Triple

Rs. 11,900.00